Friday, June 4, 2010

In the Beginning

I really should have started this blog about three years ago because this will soon become the dumping ground for my assorted house/sewing/DIY/stupid stuff. Why three years ago? Because I started remodeling my house three years ago and boy did I have some bloggable moments. But I learned a lot. Maybe I'll do flashbacks every once in a while if I can find enough photos to support my musings. Like, seriously, I did some stupid stuff whilst under the spell of power tools (still do, now that I think of it...).

So, I've actually been thinking about authoring a blog for a while now to chronicle my adventures in arts and crafts and keeping my house in one piece. Perhaps it's been the twang of creativity that has been stifled by an overbooked schedule and the death of the concept of a "weekend". The only thing I've used a brush for in recent memory was to smear some rubber cement around on a project at work. I'm gonna take back my creativity, yo.

But on a positive note, in putting my house back together after a year of remodeling, I figured out some nifty tips and tricks on how to decorate without spending a lot of money. Because, those who know me well know I'm a stubborn little tightwad. I've also gotten a lot better at sewing and have taught myself to crochet. I dabble in assorted experiments here and there as well. And what better thing to do than be a tightwad who can turn these things into home decor or gifts for other people.

I'm putting this stuff up because A) I like to share (and if I like you I sometimes don't shut up), B) a lot of people have asked me for instructions on how to make the stuff I do and C) sometimes my projects go down the tubes so fast the only way to make myself feel better is to get a good hearty laugh out of it. What a handy place to do all of this! Feel free to steal my ideas and improve on them, or tell me they're horrible. Whatever floats your boat. I might call you a mean name if you tell me my idea is dumb though. Or I might have my momma come beat you up. Sass floats THIS boat, honey.

So, bear with me as I find the time to make this blog half way pretty and put up some actual work. Shouldn't take too long. In theory.