Sunday, January 6, 2013

Befuddlement of Patterns

The internet is a funny place.  You can't keep things safe.  We all knew that.

Unfortunately, I will not be sharing the patterns for my quiet book.  There is simply too much risk that my intellectual property (the patterns) will not be respected and frankly, the books are quite difficult to make.  I recognize that they are unique and people like unique things.  I also recognize that there are some of you with honest intentions who just want to make a nice gift, and I feel bad that it is this way.  However, I didn't add the quiet book to Pinterest nor did I ask that it be there - that alone is enough to be confident that the time (days!) that I would put into preparing detailed patterns would quickly be a waste when the patterns become readily available for free on social media.  I believe that artists should be compensated for their work because our work takes time and often comes from years of education and study.  An item like this represents a significant labor commitment to prepare and I am simply not okay with throwing it to the masses.

I would provide Pinterest with a takedown notice, but that requires me to create an account and I will not be associated with that den of copyright infringement.

However, my blog posts on each page of the book are very detailed.  You are welcome to draft your own patterns inspired by my creations and techniques, and we'll call it good.