Monday, August 23, 2010

There’s something in the water – Part 2

Last weekend baby shower number two hit. My initial plan for my baby shower gifts was to make the same basic gift for each mom-to-be, but with tweaks to make them unique. But, after talking to Jeanne (gift 2) after Kim’s (gift 1) shower, I found that while any baby gear is appreciated, I needed to be a bit more adventurous in my gift choices. I like to keep them guessing.


Saturday, August 7, 2010

There's something in the water...part 1

Several of my favorite people took it upon themselves to supply the needed children for the 2015-2016 kindergarten year. Congrats to all of them, and September and October are going to be full of squeals and the joy that surrounds a new life coming into the world (and me moonlighting as a nursery designer at Jeanne's house).

With that comes showers :) And, being the idiot I am I took it upon myself to come up with all kinds of good stuff for gifts. This first post is about Kim's gift. Part 2 and 3 will come as those showers hit. But, I will give thematic hints for the next two - ladybugs and bath time. I'll let you roll that around in your mind.