Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Lonely in Here...

I know this is a wee little blog with only a few ideas, and I'm hoping to get more up in the near future (three baby showers are encouraging things...), but it would sure be fun to share my antics with a wider audience! So, if you come across some nonsense of mine that you think any of your friends would like, please feel free to share it! I have no problem with people copying my projects - I wouldn't put them up here if I did. Plus, I love to see how people put their own spin on things. Also, if you aren't a Facebook fan yet - here's a linky for you.

There's some perks with this membership too - I may just start giving stuff away as prizes... ;)

And in other updates, I just got back from a great week in Missouri visiting with two of my favorite families. I created a special project just for this trip, which I'll post about shortly. And, my garden seems to have benefited from my absence - I fertilized it before I left and came back to double-size plants, sprouts, blooms, and a ridiculous quantity of tomatoes. My cucumber and tomatoes seem to be on the mend as well - their yellow leaves have all withered but the rest of the plants have returned to a healthy, deep green. Research has suggested that the yellow leaves could have been from an iron deficiency or any other multitude of conditions. I started with the easiest to fix item first. And, if you really get stuck, a fellow Temple Worker gave me a number for a master gardener hotline here in San Diego. You can take your horticultural issues to them and they will give you advice over the phone. How nifty is that? If anyone would like the number, please let me know!


  1. Well then you'll have to participate in my first prize contest ;)